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  • ✅Makes toy clean up fun: This collapsible toy box makes it super fun to clean up, Children will drive their cars into the box! If you are looking for toyboxes for toddlers, hotwheels storage case for cars or kids toy chest, this box will serve that purpose. It is 2 in one, a car mat for kids and a toy storage box 
  • ✅Must have if your child loves cars: your child loves cars and owns tons of them, they are EVERYWHERE! You may have searched, and no bin is big enough THIS ONE IS! You and your child will love it. No more mess! this box for toys storage serves as a pretend parking garage and includes a car mat with roads for the cars. The car mat is attached to the box so you will NEVER lose it! Great for hotwheels storage - Tip: line two bins up to make a double wide track 
  • ✅Encourages independence: Mess will never again be a boring task with this fun big toy box for the first time your children will want to CLEAN UP! one of the most fun play mats for kids is included. They can also carry the box and put it away by themselves, the handles are made specially for little ones to move this box around independently 
  • ✅Multipurpose - Toy and Storage Box: Use it as a toy, storage box, or car mat. Easy to clean up, just wipe off; sturdy, it has handles to easily carry it. strong Velcro to close the box, but smooth too so you will never have to worry about things getting stuck to it, even dog and human hair just wipe right off. Lastly, it is giftable; just fill it up with cars, monster trucks, hotwheels, stuffed animals or any toy and make a child happy


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