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Marisol Keizer  Founder

About Us

Spending real quality time with your loved ones.

Embrace Play’s mission is to help parents engage their children in meaningful and creative activities, that nourish their children’s mind during the most important years of their development. 

We offer STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) products to help families, children and friends to connect, create, think, explore and discover through the power of play.

Our products are meant for children and adults to work together and make their bond stronger as they enjoy a fun activity together.


We are also committed to offer products that will support a sensory experience. Products that are meant to be manipulated and engaging through the senses, such as our DIY 3D Puzzles and toy car storage boxes!

I am a certified Early Childhood Educator, who understands the importance of strong relationships between children and caregivers as a foundation in children's life. Being a mother of two boys who are eager to learn, explore and create has inspired me to create activities that are fun, and that help parents to  promote children's development in the areas of language and literacy physical, cognitive and socio - emotional.


I believe that play is the way how children learn. The adult's role in this learning process is to guide them, engage them and walk them through that learning experience. These interactions between adult and children are the foundations for children's development. Invest time in your child and you will see the fruits of those hours invested in them. They will be humans with high and essential values and skills to thrive in life .

"Play is the highest form of research"


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