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If you are not doing this with your children they are missing out!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Parents are missing on the importance of adding sensory activities when playing with their children. Why is it so important this topic? well, simply because research shows that the most senses used in any activity the more beneficial it is. Children use their senses to explore, learn and remember.

Here we provide 3 simple sensory activities that will set children on the right path for their development:

1. Cook

Have your child help you prepare a recipe: allow him to smell the ingredients, taste, feel the textures, hear the sound of the pots, spoons, bowls, etc. Have conversations, tell stories, make it a family tradition, your teaching your child to make connections, vocabulary, even learn math if they help you with measuring!

2. Slime:

Slime is great for incorporating more than one sense during play. Feeling the slime texture engages the touch sense, you can add scent to it to activate the smell sense, for the hearing squished make all kind of sounds, We use the sight when we color the slime, or add accessories to see how it will turn out. When playing with friends or family the conversations and memories will stay with us and will turn this activity in a positive memory.

Here are some Amazon affiliate links to a few great slime kits safe for your children

3. Water play

Use a large container where you add toys, cups for pouring, maybe food coloring and any other item that will allow to integrate the use of the senses. You can interact with your child by asking him questions that will allow them to describe what they are seeing, feeling, hearing, and maybe tasting.

You will feel great seeing your children learning tons through these activities, put it on your calendar and make it a priority, your children are growing fast and there is not time to miss on helping with their development.

We are all about helping parents to know what they need to know so that they can build a strong relationships with their children. Please come back to our blog and join our Instagram account for more free activities for young children.

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