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Tips to Ease Clean-Up Time For Kids And Playroom Storage Ideas

By Early childhood educator

Undoubtedly, playtime is your child’s favorite part of the day, but cleaning can be frustrating!

As frustrating as it is children can benefit from positive approaches to learn to pick up after themselves.

The Value of Cleaning Up

A survey suggests that an average parent spends time cleaning up 28 times a week after their child has finished playing. Imagine if you were to use this routine as a teachable moment, it would be 28 opportunities for children to learn a good habit.

Cleaning up isn’t always fun, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here is a list of ideas on how to get your child to cooperate and create this good habit:

  • Sing a song

This makes clean up more fun and also teaches them words, rhyming, sounds, and to enjoy music while doing chores.

  • Give children a 5 minute warning that clean up time is coming

Children prepare mentally to clean up when they know in advance that soon it will be time to stop playing. Use a sand clock to help them visualize the concept of time.

  • Make it a routine

As hard as it can be, the more often you have them practicing cleaning up, the easier and less frustrating it will become.

  • Phraise them for their effort

They may not yet have the skills to organize as neat as you would like but they need to be recognized for what they can do, which will encourage them to continue this habit.

Independent Child

You want to raise your child to be self-sufficient and assist him in making decisions. However, if you give him too much freedom he can become confused or make poor decisions.

Organizing their own mess is one step towards being responsible and independent. Once the child understands the value of organization, they start making decisions that help them be focused on the long run.

Once your children have the habit of cleaning up, it is time for some toy storage ideas to make their space look great!

Hotwheels Storage Ideas

Magnetic Knife Bars

These are not just meant for your kitchen. The magnet beneath your hot wheels cars will securely stick on here, making it look very organized.

Toy box with play mat

This super cool storage box makes it sooo easy for your car lover to pull out their toys, play on the mat for hours! and then put the car toys away in a breeze. Unique item with great reviews. Check this Amazon link.

Picture Ledges

They provide a secure storage option for your child’s toy cars.

Toilet Paper Rolls In a Cardboard Box

Toilet paper rolls have many DIY uses. Making a private car parking for your child just happens to be one of them.

Barbie Dolls Organization Ideas

Shoe Organizers

They are the perfect size for keeping the whole girl gang.

Baby doll clothes

This unique pink toy box with play mat is perfect for playing and putting away toys, baby doll clothes, baby dolls, stuffed animals or practically any toy! Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. Check it out here

Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Knitted Net

You can choose any size you like as long as it’s stretchable. A blanket or some other piece of fabric will suffice.

Ottoman Storage Boxes

It’s not just a storage container; it’s also a piece of furniture! Considering its size, you can decorate it and move it around easily.

Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes. You can use it to store stuffed animals, particularly if your children enjoy picking a different stuffed animal for bed time each night. They won’t have to dig through a box of toys.

Final Words

Clean up time can be used as a time to teach children life skills. Some strategies to ease clean up time include singing songs, a five minute warning, phrasing and making it a habit. We can be creative when it comes to organizing toys and even help boost children cretivity with some of our make it yourself storage ideas.

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