Three life changing actions parents can do for their children.

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Change your children's life by doing this:

During childhood children's development is happening at a rapid speed; it is the perfect time to learn behaviors, and experience the world as it is presented to them. Parents Can impact profoundly their children's life by doing these three things:

1. Be present

Children need their parents to disconnect from their phones, and get to their level to play with them on the floor and do that game they love to do over and over. It may seem that nothing is going on when doing this, but actually the opposite is happening, social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills are developing right at that moment.

2. Get involved

You may drop your phone and sit with your child, now you need to let your child know that you see him/her, how? by showing interest on what he/she is doing, asking if you can participate, of simply taking part in the game. This will help to develop positive relationships for the child to have more respect and be careful about their actions as they do not want to disapoint those whom they are developing positive bonds with.

3. Add and extend to their knowledge

As the children experience the world they discover new things everyday, parents can help their children advance on their knowledge by showing them new words, concepts, ideas, etc during the time they are playing.

During play children are learning they are loved, they belong, they are important and which is great for self esteem. Most games allow the opportunity to teach them math through counting, concepts of volume, sizes and patterns. If parents are present, involved and extending on their knowledge their children will be on the path for a great future.


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